Welcome to my world abroad!

My name is Natalie Hill and I am a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where I am studying Communications and Journalism. After diving into my studies at home I realized that to get a better picture of what I wanted out of my college career and future would require some type of worldly perspective. I am now residing in Barcelona, Spain (bye-bye comfort zone!) for the semester in order to gain more knowledge about the culture and to get a better view of the communication and journalism world abroad!

If you like all things¬†travel and are looking for a students perspective on tips, tricks, and go-to’s you’re in the right place. Every post will be super helpful to better YOU in the future when it comes to living abroad while maintaining/building an image that is suitable anywhere, anytime. Learn how to manage life outside your comfort zone while still keeping goals for life at home intact.

Starting in the fall of 2017, my blog was created because of my desire to find more out about the world I live in while sharing experiences with family, friends, and my followers. Here you’ll find your fellow student, dog-loving, foodie, social media obsessed, go-getter that is growing her online community from the bottom up!

Join Nata’s World and enjoy numerous adventures that could spark your interest to develop a different view of the world you’re living in!