Spring Break 2017!

Spring break is a time of year when kids still in school escape for the week, usually to somewhere warm, in order to drink with their friends and party on hot, sunny beaches. Typically in America going to Mexico or Florida are the most popular destinations. This is the American stereotype, but it doesn’t happen as often here in Europe I’ve noticed. For spring break this year I was clearly out of reach from the usual American destinations, so my friends and I decided to go to Greece– hoping it would be warm and sunny. Unfortunately, the trip was mostly cloudy and required me to wear a jacket and pants most of the time BUT having said this, the experience was unforgettable because of the people I was with and the breathtaking scenery.

Since traveling all the time can be stressful, we decided to let a company plan the trip for us and booked through EuroAdventures. They are one of the many student vacation trip organizations that basically plan everything for you- all you have to do is show up basically.
The itinerary was to fly into Athens, then boat to Mykonos, then to Santorini, then back to Athens and fly out from there. I have to admit all of these places were beyond beautiful and were more than I expected them to be. I kid you not, what I saw was better than any postcard at a gift shop. We were traveling with about 11 people, which was a little m   h at times, but we definitely kept ourselves busy with ATVing, donkey riding, eating, shopping, sightseeing and more. Although not being able to wear a bikini all the time on spring break was a little sad, I had so many new cute ones! 

Mykonos was definitely my favorite place because of the incredible white buildings and the petit streets full of shops and restaurants. Even though Mykonos was the coldest place, I think I enjoyed my time there the most. EuroAdventures gave us a tour guide and photographer that were to show us around these amazing places and give us recommendations about how to spend our free time. I felt very much like a tourist but I loved every minute of it, especially the gyros. I believe I had one every day in Greece- sometimes even two in one day. No shame. Santorini is where we stayed the longest, and where we met the love of our lives- a stray dog. This little girl was only about 2 months old and was the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen- Oreo. She lived with us for the few days we were there. We got her food, water, cleaned her, and gave her more than enough love to last a whole month. By the time we had to leave she would hide under our beds in denial that we were leaving. Turns out the week prior when another spring break group came through, they also took Oreo in as there own. EuroAdventures definitely made my time in Greece less stressful and it was an amazing event that left me speechless many times. I would definitely recommend booking a trip with them or finding a company to plan events- it was a weight lifted off our shoulders. Like I said in my last post, I lost my phone and lost my pictures from this trip but luckily some friends of mine put some on Facebook so here ya go!!


3 days left in Barcelona..





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