Politics 2.0

When I was younger and social media didn’t exist, politics in the world were very different then they are now. The way candidates were chosen had to do with their ability to appeal to a large audience in hope of getting as many votes as possible. It was difficult to reach some groups of people because location and general accessibility. This started to change with the introduction of the internet and social media. Obama was the first presidential candidate that took the role of social media and accessibility to a whole new level, reaching an unbelievable amount of people across the country. Trump followed in his footsteps utilizing Facebook in order to target people and use their site to cater to what people wanted to see.

The noise that was generated online is what made him the most talked about presidential candidate. Social media wasn’t the main reason that Obama won the election, but Facebook was definitely the reason that Trump won. He paid attention to the details and targeted the white working class, which is the majority of America. He and Obama also had awesome slogans that stuck with voters, “Yes We Can”, and “Make America Great Again” were two of the most successful catchphrases to date. They both made themselves accessible in new and innovative ways that allowed voters to get a real view of them. Obama had to own website where he actually responded to a lot of the comments and even got interactive allowing voters to create their own groups within the website. This type of politics created a buzz that hit just the right people. Trump and Obama knew they couldn’t cater to a large group as a whole but they had to individualize and personalize their campaigns in order to gain earned media and trust.

While the world, and Hilary, were looking at formal news outlets and spending money on television, Trump was looking at where people really got their news- Facebook. Both Trump and Obama were on the RIGHT social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, where the real voters were. Neither abandoned traditional politics though, 1.0 is not lost! Both still used basics like speeches and campaigning across the country and talked in plain English to the voters- not with scary political terms that confuse people. Obama was a heart wrencher and always included poetry and spoke with passion and determination without flaw. Trump may have been less prepared for this but the people heard him loud and clear. It’s safe to say that both candidates brought campaigning to a whole new level and made it clear that social media is extremely important and cannot be avoided. Who knows we might have Kanye as president in 2020, lol.

What do you guys think about their ‘marketing’ campaigns?

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