Podcasting. What comes to mind when you think of podcasting? For me, nothing. I honestly had forgotten about them because they aren’t as popular as they used to be. With the world becoming more technologically innovative and mobile, it seems as though they will be making a comeback! So get on board. You might think you’re not the right person to listen to podcasts, but I would recommend giving them another chance. Before, I thought that podcasts just meant someone talking about the news or some boring topic that usually catered to adults or old people, but now I have found many reasons why you might love podcasting. Here are a few!

  1. You can listen to awesome stories on the go- perfect for people that want to read but never have the time (me)
  2. You can subscribe and automatically receive podcasts from your favorite podcasters
  3. You can download them right to your iTunes, how easy is that? No excuses.
  4. The genres are endless- whether you want to laugh, cry, or just feel good there’s definitely one for you
  5. They’re FREE, and super accessible
  6. Stay informed and connected (very important in the 21st century)

According to The Guardian these are the best podcasts to listen to right now! Check them out and you won’t be disappointed. When Netflix started getting big everyone needed to watch the new original series, and could only watch on Netflix- now there are ways to listen to some amazing shows using podcasts!

Serial, a podcasting website has amazing crime episodes that lure their listeners in with an unreal plot line the that are just starting to develop a buzz. You can subscribe to certain shows while not having to sit your dark room all day- rather, you can be out and about listening to what happens next. This contributes to the element of the ‘on the go’ characteristic that every American seems to have. You could be working out, in the car, or grabbing a bite to eat all while being constantly updated.

Don’t get confused though podcasting and audio files are NOT the same. Podcasting is basically the higher tech better version because it allows for syndication, a feed, and an aggregator like iTunes. Sounds easy right? What’s even easier is making them- yourself! Being a popular podcaster will get people talking about you and is a great way to develop your own personal brand. You can use podcasts to advertise, to talk about an important issue, or to tell your own crazy fictional/non-fictional stories. I thought I would give it a try to prove how simple it really is…hope you enjoy a summary of my Barcelona experience abroad!

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(phoneless) NATA


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