For my last weekend abroad I chose to stay local in Spain and take a 40 minute, $60 plane ride to Menorca with a few friends. The whole abroad experience has been a bit crazy and overwhelming at times so traveling to a little island where there aren’ t that many people, there’s lots of sun, and unbelievable beaches didn’t seem too bad. This was my first time actually making an Airbnb account and booking it myself- yay growing up! To say the trip was amazing would be an understatement. It was extremely relaxing and we all definitely needed some vitamin C and salt water. I never knew how incredible the places in Spain were until this trip, I always underestimated its value. Coming to Barcelona, traveling to Madrid, Valencia, Sitges, Figures and Menorca really made me appreciate the wonders of Spain. This trip in particular, made me appreciate the quiet. The island was definitely out of season because we could barely find people let alone an open restaurant. Our meals weren’t the best I had, but that didn’t ruin anything. What was really amazing was the beaches- especially when no one is there. The clear blue skies and crystal water were beyond breathtaking and were exactly what you see on postcards. I really wish I had traveled to the other islands off of Spain, and highly recommend visiting all the parts of Spain that you can, while you can. Staying relatively local was nice considering I’ve done a lot of travel on this trip. People definitely underestimate the value of staying local. Many travelers want to go big or go home and don’t even stop to take in and appreciate the place that they are staying, in my case, Spain. A lot of kids that returned from Barcelona last semester all said that they wished they stayed in Barcelona more and got to experience it fully instead of having big travel plans to go somewhere every weekend. I would highly recommend traveling to Menorca or Mallorca if you ever get the chance! We stayed in an Airbnb within a complex called Siesta Mar. It was stunning and had the perfect amenities along with a complementary bottle of wine! Unfortunately, on my LAST NIGHT at Opium I left my phone on the beach and it was stolen SO I lost all my pictures from spring break and Menorca, very upsetting to say the least, especially when I had made it so far without losing anything! This means I can’t share any of my personal photos with you guys but check out my Instagram! I posted a few amazing scenic pictures using the new swipe swipe. Here are some from online so that you can get a gist of how incredible this place was (it’s better in person).

Let me know if you guys have any more questions about my trip or if you think I should upload some of the photos my friends took of Menorca for you all to see!

Lonely Planet has some awesome tips and info about Menorca! Check them out

3 days left in Barcelona! 4 finals down, 1 to go….




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