Last week in class we talked about LALOPEZ and the process of brand development. The first topic was Estrella Damm campaigns: new digital age. It used to be a small company which grew from small to large having an advertising budget in 2009 of 100,oo0 euros to 1 million in 2015. What caused this crazy jump? The brand created something more than just an ad but it created a new development of its audience. What did the brand represent? Creation and growth of communities, cultural connections, party, friends, and summer. There was also the development of relations with key partners: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here, there were originally no followers and Estrella Damm had no audience. Ana Lopez created the accounts and began to target all different types of audiences through the glorification of family and friend experiences while drinking Estrella Damm. Once this grew there was a collaboration with partners: restaurants, festivals, football teams and local companies that Estrella Damm sponsored and did projects with in order to raise brand awareness. It is interesting though that Estrella aims to sell beer, yet most of their social media accounts don’t reference the beer itself much. Instead, content has to match with interests of the beer and the consumers hence why the Instagram doesn’t have a lot of beer in the pictures, just landscapes of amazing places. Estrella wants you to associate the beer with experiences and life long memories that involve friends and family. The communication style has definitely changed: local vs. universal and one way vs. bidirectional especially in this case.

The content is really key: match the interests of your brand with the interest of your target, choose the platforms you want to use and what you want to say on different platforms- This is the key to the marketing strategy used for this company and many others we can see around the world now.

This strategy really changes the way youth and young adults look at the brand because they now associate it with particular moments and good memories. To get your customers to think of your product as more than a physical material product is the key here. If you want to have a good experience and have a good time- Estrella Damm is most likely going to be present.

It is also very key to get the brand loyalty right when users are allowed to drink in order to develop a brand following and continuous trust. For example, if you drink Estrella Damm when you are young and associate it with amazing destinations, parties, fun, family, and friends then you will most likely develop a brand loyalty: meaning you won’t change brands. Then when you are an adult you will drink Estrella and influence your kids to love it and so on.

I really loved looking at what Ana had on Twitter and Instagram along with the amazing Estrella Damm Instagram, Twitter, and FaceBook.

The following is so much more than I ever expected and it is due to the amazing Ana Lopez who really had an amazing turn towards social media that developed Estrella Damm into the brand it is today.




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