Marketing 2.0

0316_blog_marketing_ssMarketing over the years has developed in response to the consistently changing technological world. Something like a poster on the side of a building simply won’t cut it anymore. With the rise of social media as the main form of communication between individuals and companies alike, advertising a product has become more difficult than ever. Innovations are on the rise and many companies have figured out the way to really get into a customers wallet.

Trust and loyalty are two huge things that have been the reason for a lot of company success. The emotional level of customer and company interaction have taken over things like getting a good deal for your money. Now, marketing has everything to do with reaching a specific consumer market and keeping a hold of them for a long period of time, rather than using one method to reach a broad audience that might not stay long.

An article put out a few years ago in Forbes called “Marketing 2.0: Less Spin, More Value” really picked up on the beginnings of the social media value a company can have when it comes to marketing. This turn made companies realize that they had to go out of their way to find where the consumers were spending most of their time and get there spot in there (social media sites/applications). This is when companies started to want a road map of what their target audience was up to…Where are they? What are their buying habits? What are the trends? When companies “value” their customers, they’re not going to directly ask them these questions- and this is social media’s job…

Social media is where all of our information is collected and sold right to our favorite companies. Personally, I believe this is a good thing because then I am targeted for the right products, not some tree trimmer thats 30% off at my local Home Depot. By really getting to know us through social media- companies can market to us as consumers on a whole new level.

The personal connection- is what companies have found we value the most. This is why many advertisting strategies involve the customers themselves getting involved in content creation with things like #hashtags or videos uploaded online. Creating campaigns in marketing that trigger some type of reaction that pulls on peoples heart-strings is what really gets the customers to be loyal and trust a company. When companies are open, honest, and direct with their customers on social media and throught their marketing- the attract a following that will not leave them that easily- no matter the hardship.

In 2015, ADWeek put out an article about companies that were doing social media right- and let me tell ya, they are some of the companies I am the most loyal to. For example Netflix ‘understands its audience’ and they REALLY do. Every issue they’ve had, they’ve publicly addressed and have been into customer service above all since day one- which is very valuable to a customer. Even if another company like Netflix put out a better series, I would most likely never cancel my subscription to Netflix. I even follow them when they continuoulsy raise their prices per month…why? Because they have developed me into a loyal customer.

Like Netflix, GrubHub also is a company I am loyal to because they ‘satisfy customer cravings’ – and definitely don’t disappoint. They encourage customer generated content by encouraging pictures to be takena nd hashtags to be used. I personally rely on pictures of my food to decide where I am going to eat so this company really works for me.

Comment some of the companies you are loyal to because of great marketing and loyalty! Hope you enjoy my recommendations!

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