Florence has always been at the top of my list since coming abroad, and it couldn’t have been a better experience. The journey was a little rough but the time I spent there with friends was unforgettable. We left mid-day on a Thursday and decided it would be cheaper to fly into the Bologna airport instead of the Florence one. We bought bus tickets from the train station in Bologna to Florence before hand so that we wouldn’t have to worry. Turns out our flight was late so we ended up missing the train in Bologna and had to re-buy tickets…:( Once we got into the train station in Florence we were greeted by our fellow sorority sister from home who we would be staying with for the weekend. Just stepping off the train I immediatly was amazed by the architecture and quaintness of the city. It was much smaller compared to Barcelona I realized right away.

Once in the apartment I was so amazed at the origniality it had, it literally felt like an Italian grandmother’s house! After getting settled we went out for an amazing dinner and then decided to hit the club scene, which I tell you now was great but I prefer Barca! The next day was the shopping day. We walked all along the streets of Florence mapping out where the best stores were and where we could get lunch. I never thought that pizza was an Italian thing, I always thought it was an American take on Italian cuisine, but I’ll tell ya they’re pizza was to die for.

I also had a hard time adjusting to speaking some Italian and listening to it around me. I was so used to the Spanish and Catalan language that I kept saying ‘grasias’ to everyone and was a little out of my comfort zone. The good thing was that most people spoke decent english (better than in Barcelona). We ended up checking out the Duomo and the view points that took a lot of walking to get to that day and drinking some wine overlooking the city for sunset.

It was the most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen, and the chilly breeze was definitely worth it. After that we decided to get pasta for dinner and go out to a casual bar to meet up with friends. I was suprised how many locals were at the bar because in Barcelona I feel as though there are so many American students that crowd the bars so there is no room for locals. It made me feel a little uncomfortable at first but soon we warmed up to them and actually made some friends that got last night snacks with us at a buritto bar. Our last day was very relaxed and we walked around the leather market and the food markets purchasing a few suviouners. We then got back on a train the Pisa and once home, crashed.


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