Barcelona, My Home

After traveling to a few places here and there- Lisbon, Amsterdam, Florence, and Valencia I realized that I actually preferred my home, Barcelona over any of these places. All my friends were so indecisive about where they wanted to study abroad, but I always knew I wanted to make Barcelona my home for a semester. Each time I leave, I always crave the Spanish culture, cuisine and social life here much more than anywhere else. Something as simple as going out to a club can only be done right here and nowhere else. I have made such good friends here and if I had to chose I would never leave. Being here has made me realize the fact that America kinda sucks. I can see the judgemental mentality that people have about Americans, but for the first time I actually get it. We do things in such a difficult manner it seems at home and here everything is so much easier and relaxed. The places I have visited here are so much more beautiful than at home.

Some of my favorite places I have visited so far are Park Guell, Sagrada Familia, the Gothic Quarter, Montjuic, and Casa Batllo. They all are so jaw dropping and I have never seen anything like them in America. I am so lucky to be studying here and hope to visit these places multiple times while I am here. Park Guell was amazing but you have to go for sunset! That was when it was the most beautiful (a little chilly though!). The colors of the sky are so remarkable mixed with the colors of all the tiles throughout the park. Sagrada Familia was also one of the most incredible sights I have ever seen, but buy tickets ahead of time and make sure you ask for student discount! It is best to go during the day and see the inside a little later because when the sun is setting outside, it is like fire through the windows of the temple.

I can’t wait to come back in 2025 when it is completed to see the final masterpiece! The next best place for me was the Gothic Quarter which has amazing shopping and even better architecture and food. I highly recommend heading down there and stopping into some of the shops on the way to the port!

The best night trip I’ve gone on that you don’t need to see during the day is an FCBarcelona soccer game. My friends and I were at the very very top and it was such a spectacular view looking down, although the players looked like ants. I need to go back to a game because I want to be closer and take the time to enjoy Barcelona sport culture more! Everywhere I have gone here has blown me out of the park and made me feel so amazing to call this home for the next few months. I could not be happier with my decision, I hope you all will be encouraged to visit now that I’ve raved about some of my favorite moments!


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