When I declared my secondary major as Journalism last semester I don’t think I had any idea what I was getting into. The only thing I knew for sure was that I didn’t mind reading, and I didn’t mind writing. Most people hate this two things so I decided to use the things I like and use them efficiently towards a major and possible career. When you first hear the term Journalism many people automatically think of a new paper, a magazine or a news channel reporter. While all these elements are accurate, one more element should be popping into your mind now a days and that’s mobile journalism and it looks something like this…


I personally was shocked seeing how efficient this method is and how dramatically it is changing what the word journalism means every day. Using MoJo you can report from anywhere, you can be alone, you can save money, and have more freedom about the platform onto which you are uploading. This really sparked my interest in the concept of reporting and gave me a whole new view of what it’s like to be a journalist. I encourage all of you to maybe try something similar at home or look into how to do it online and give it a try, who knows maybe you could a professional mojo reporter some day! With the world changing so quickly around us when it comes to technology, it is important to stay updated on the way we are receiving our news and how different fields are developing because of innovations such as this.


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