Journalism and Tools

In your life, you’re going to use a million tools to help you out and get things done efficiently. When talking about journalism, the same thing applies. There are so many tools that can better your reporting/research abilities and help to push you to that next level. As an entry level journalism major taking courses about communications and journalism, I think it is important to share with you some of my new findings when it comes to tools we need to know about. First, download apps! There are so many applications that can assist you in getting ahead and staying up to date with what is new and important. I would recommend having a news application of some sort, along with all the social media must haves (Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). Personally, I decided to leave the twitter scene because it took up too much of my time and I was able to get the same information elsewhere BUT if you love it use it to your advantage. These are apps that will help you every day in order to keep you connected and relevant within your network.

Shortcuts through Google are another amazing tool to use everyday. By using word exclusion (- before the word you don’t want), domain search, exact search (‘…’), searing within sites, and searching by the type of document, researching has never been quicker and more efficient. Taking advantage of Google has deffinetly changed the way I use the internet. Something as small as Google alertsGoogle news, or Google trends have helped me a lot in my day to day web surfing. Being abroad, I always want to stay up to date with what is going on around me and back at home. Having the correct apps to keep me updated and aware have really helped me out since being here. I hope this proves useful to you and can make your life a little more updated and organized!


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