Social Networking Abroad

Social media is our way of staying connected. When networking, you are building your image as an individual. What about when you travel? How relevant is staying in touch with family and friends when you’re abroad? VERY. If you want to avoid a million calls and texts asking about how your trip is going, you have to keep your network in the loop. Posting on Facebook or Instagram lets others know you are safe and making the most out of your travels.

This weekend I traveled to Amsterdam with my roommate. The first thing we decided to do was have one of us post a travel update on Facebook in order to alert our network of friends and family. screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-9-42-56-amNext step? I highly recommend getting some sort of accommodation in order before you leave for your trip and Air BnB has been the cheapest and best way for me so far. My stay was in a perfect quiet location that allowed my group to experience Amsterdam to the fullest. As far as the sight-seeing goes, make an itinerary ahead of time and map out everywhere you want to go, or else trust me, you will not do it. Time is of the essence when it comes to a weekend trip and this is the perfect way to make sure you are making the most of your time! I used TripIt the application in order to stay organized and have the itinerary on my phone, ready to use. Make sure you book your tickets for all the places you want to go ahead of time as well. Use Get Your Guide in order to pre-purchase tickets for things like the Heineken Experience, Anne Frank House, or a canal tour (they offer student discounts and are cheaper than purchasing the day of!). Eating was one of my favorite parts of the trip and I HIGHLY recommend going to the Pancake Bakery and Omelegg. If you want to indulge and get some amazing food for brunch/breakfast, these are a must try.
unnamedunnamed-3    unnamed-2

Asking for ideas about places to go using Facebook or Instagram are great ideas. Even stalking some interesting travel accounts in order to find cool things to do is helpful. Use your Facebook and Instagram networks to the fullest. Besides being used to keep your family and friends updated, these social networks are tools for you to use in order to get the most out of your experience. Check if places you want to go have a Facebook or Instagram that you can follow/connect with. Who knows they may even repost something you say or snap a picture of at the end of your experience!

People in Amsterdam are amazing and are extremely kind and helpful. I got around very easily using taxies and Uber. Most people will speak English which is very helpful for a traveling American and made me feel a little more comfortable in such a different environment. Use your Facebook and Instagram networks while you travel, it will help you out more than you think. Your family and friends will appreciate your attentiveness and your willingness to share your experiences. I hope these tips have been helpful! Check out my Instagram and Facebook for more about my trip!



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